Sunday, November 28, 2010

#Wave from #Google to #Apache ?

When Google ended its development of Wave as a product, they promised to fulfil their promise and make Wave open source. As Wave is very much thinking outside the box of dated technology, it is encouraging that Apache is considering to adopt Wave as an Apache incubator project.

With Wave as a truly open source project, new  opportunities appear. There are developers who just come along and start contributing to the code and with Wave as an Apache project it benefits from an organisational support that is credible.

With Wave open source, there is one other aspect that is vital for it to become a success; internationalisation and localisation. Google told us that they were ready to provide localisation support for the core product. Now that it will run at Apache, it becomes possible to internationalise and localise robots as well.

We live in interesting times and with Wave becoming "Wave in a box" the promise of a new paradigm is not lost.