Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wave and education

We met at the first class restaurant at the Amsterdam central station and we discussed the potential of Wave in an educational setting. As you can imagine, many issues with Wave were discussed but the question was: "Is Wave ready for an experimental course where educators try to find out if Wave is a tool that makes sense in education".

When Wave is to be used in education, Wave itself will not be the subject and in this experiment it will be. The audience if the experiment will be educators who are interested to learn if the new paradigm that Wave presents is this leap forward. Such an experiment does not necessarily require everything that is needed for students: internationalisation and localisation can be left for later, it will be easy to find the necessary Wave invites. Functionality that makes sense in an educational setting like new content that is triggered either by the teacher of by conditions can be left for later as well.

We need to learn if Wave adds value. When it does and, we believe it will, the other open issues will need to be addressed as well. First we have to learn if Wave can enthuse educators.


  1. I have co-taught a class that uses mediawiki to augment the class face-time. I am really excited about the applications that google wave may offer. I'm looking forward to giving it a shot with this class.

  2. Mid Novembre we start a Minor Work 2.0 at an university in Holland and Wave is part of the course. Maybe we can do something together. Drop me an e-mail at mailjantje(@)gmail.com

  3. Would be interesting to know wave applications in Education. I used so far blogs, orkut community and knols for supporting my teaching.

    Would be interested in wave also.

    Narayana Rao, K.V.S.S., Knol Author