Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Don't stop me now, I am having a good time ...

There are several things that are not so nice in MediaWiki, edit conflicts is one and wikitext is another. The MediaWiki Wave project is happy to show you that edit conflicts and several types of wikitext can be a thing of the past.

Wave provides a great colloborative editing interface, with a realtext interface. This is the MediaWiki that everybody can edit.. :)


  1. Hi, so will it be possible for the wikipedia reader to also filter information?
    Suppose there is conflict of opinion between contributors, information is contested, as a reader i may want to know what debate is going on, or perhaps want to remove information that is doubted by the majority of contributors. Can i also toggle on/off the information as i wish?

  2. Really impressive display. Looking forward to seeing a live preview

  3. Impressive demonstration. Allthough I'm not sure to agree with the statement that wikitext is annoying, or above all annoying: it is also a good way to keep focused on content.