Friday, September 11, 2009

Preparing for some serious testing

We are really happy to welcome 50 testers from Combat testing to our roster of people willing to test what we are developing for the MediaWiki Wave interface.

So first an update, we have code that does syntax highlighting. Templates are no longer a real problem and neither are citations. What is a problem is to make a button that allows people to switch from WYSIWYG to Wiki syntax and vice versa. It is quite crucial that we get over this hump because it prevents us from rolling out new functionality.

In addition to the 50 testers from Combat testing, we have 9 Wikimedians willing to test. Nie who either asked for a profile at Wikimania or asked for a Wave account. Only nine of the original fifteen people registered at our forum as asked. We have indications that all 15 now have a Wave account. So when you did not do so, please register at the Forum.
The testing plan will consist of two phases:
  • get baseline measurements on the usability of the first iteration of the WYSIWYG functionality and learn/ask what should be / could be different
  • get measurements on the usability once the lessons learned are incorporated in the WYSIWYG functionality
We hope / expect that by Monday we will have something to show for our efforts.

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  1. Hi Gerard,

    > "We have indications that all 15 now have a Wave account"

    I have no idea what you're talking about.

    I dare to presume that I'm one of those 15 (I'd like to see exact list though) but I still have no signs of anything like Wave account in my possession/usage.